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LISTEN to our interview on NPR!

Hey everybody! Long time no read! We haven't forgotten about you, we've just been refueling the tanks creating more content. As we continue to grow we strive to make the creation of content more consistent by adding to our team!

A few weeks ago we were invited to be interviewed by long time Public Radio host, Luis Hernandez on his more recently released show at WLRN, "Sundial." Melissa Carcache joined him in person at their studio in downtown Miami, while Jordan and I were patched in from their sister station in Los Angeles, KPCC.

Our segment begins 33 minutes into the podcast.

You can listen to the entire interview by visiting their website at this link:

OR by downloading the podcast for FREE on iTunes. Published on 1/21/19 and 48 minutes. Podcast is titled "Martin Luther King's time..."

Enjoy! Un abrazo!

David A. Vargas

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